Ingram Micro to distribute Ipanema’s AppsWork service

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SMBs to get Enterprise level performance without breaking the bank

Ingram Micro has announced it will distribute Ipanema’s AppsWork as a service, aiming to ease the use of apps by SMBs.

The AppsWork service will simplify the use of cloud and internet based apps, with an emphasis on faultless performance without mounting costs.

Ipanema says that in most cases guaranteed performance means a guaranteed outlay of a large wad of cash.

With SMBs often reluctant to stump up for additional staff for IT related services due to tight resources, AppsWork apparently gives guaranteed performance for a relatively small fee.

With Ipanema’s software an “enterprise” level of performance is promised for all of the apps a business currently runs.

This will be done without the need to worry about end user performance headaches as has been the case in the past.

Introduced through Ingram Micro in the States initially, the service will soon be available in other countries, costing just “a few dollars per month”.

The AppsWork service, based on Salesforce’s platform, will be available to Ingram Micro’s range of system integrators, cloud service providers, MSPs, and reseller in the coming months.

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