Microsoft UK appoints new MD in senior staff reshuffle

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UK and Germany see reshuffle as top staff head to China

Microsoft has announced a reshuffle with some of its top European suits, with a new managing director in the UK.

Michel van der Bel has been appointed MD for Microsoft UK, with a shake up of staff that sees some prominent members move to positions in China.

Van der Bel will take up the position left vacant by Gordon Frazer, who has been named as COO for Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR).

In Germany, area vice president Ralph Haupter will also be heading east after receiving a promotion to corporate vice president, and a position as CEO for Microsoft GCR.  He will replace Simon Leung who has left the firm due to family reasons.

Van der Bel and Haupter will report directly to Jean-Phillipe Courtois, President of Microsoft International, while Frazer will report to Haupter in Microsoft GCR.

Courtois highlighted the importance of the Chinese market, with some of the companies long serving employees recruited for the GCR arm of Microsoft International.

“China represents an unprecedented opportunity for growth across the breadth of our business.

“I am confident in the leadership abilities of Ralph, Gordon and the extended Greater China leadership team to help us execute on those opportunities and deliver the benefits of technology to many more of the 1 billion-plus people of Greater China.”

Courtois also highlighted the importance of its European markets, with Germany and the UK integral to business growth.

“Germany and the UK are among our largest and most strategic markets outside the United States, and we are deeply invested in ensuring the ongoing growth of those businesses and exceeding the expectations of our customers there.”

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