Autonomy announces range of rich media monitoring and analytic tools

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The devil makes work for IDOL hands

Autonomy has announced the release of its  real time rich media analytics and management services using its IDOL platform.

The MultiMedia Broadcast Monitoring uses IDOL’s capabilities to monitor live video, making it possible to scan multiple video feeds such as news channels in real time.

This allows the automatic monitoring of breaking news in multiple languages and formats.   Autonomy reckons this will have big implications for marketing departments as it will allow good monitoring of product launches.

The technology could even be used to keep track of public opinion in political campaigns, according to HP-owned firm Autonomy.

Autonomy also announced the NewSocial 24×7 service which is able to pick up on commentary from social media channels.

Together the two offerings will allow easy real time analytics of opinion on the web, be it a new product launch or BoJo’s latest gaffe, crucially allowing campaigns to be tweaked and changed with greater speed.

Autonomy has also put out Virage MediaBin 8, using the firm’s IDOL technology as well.  Virage Media allows organisations to automatically tag and classify rich media from a repository of images, audio and video files, forming a conceptual knowledge of the content.

This can help easily choose the most relevant content for use in a range of digital media campaigns.

Virage MediaBin also works with HP Digital Library to allow for facial and pattern recognition, as well as logo recognition.

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