Data is big and Sexy 2

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Altogether now

An email slinks seductively into your inbox. You’re astonished at this nerve of this interloper, but then you see the four little words guaranteed to make you give in.

Data is Sexy 2.

You don’t read the rest of the invitation. They already had you with ‘data’. The phrase ‘Data is sexy’ makes you so inappropriately excited you have to stop there and then. You can read the rest of this missive later. In private. With the door closed.

Once you’re alone, you can read the whole thing, without anyone being shocked at your hot flushes and moaning.

Popular music….(Oh oh!)…. data seminar (Stoppit! No, keep going!)…. Music 4.5 (Yes, yes!)…. Data is Sexy 2 (ohhh God!)…… data as arms (Oh crap… someone’s at the door).

Deflated, you read the rest of the literature, but the excitement has gone.

It turns out that on the 18th of April, in the afternoon, in central London at The Lewis Silkin offices, an outfit for tech start ups called 2Pears is holding some kind of wining, dining and networking event, followed by some music and data sexing.

If discussions around music, data, rights management and new products and services enabled by data are likely to get you hot and flustered reaching for the tissues, this could be the event for you.

Your fellow roisterers in the field will be data experts, data handlers, artists, artist managers, music-tech startups, record labels, publishers, entertainment experts and agencies from all over Europe. Anyone who has ever fondled a record, or prostrated themselves over tables, basically.

If you’re binary curious, you might like to talk about filthy lucre with the people who know how to monetise and manage data.

Such as Jeremy Silver, chairman of MusicMetric and previously head of Featured Artists Coalition. Nic Garnett, the industry expert providing recommendations to the Digital Licensing Framework, TSB and WIPO. He’ll be talking about complex relationships between powerful brutes like Google, ‘the King of data’ and simpering content owners. Will they relent to Google’s masterful embrace? Everyone loves a bastard.

If that doesn’t get you off, there’s a panel discussion – and they’re always guaranteed to give a happy ending!

Peter Jenner will get things going, but Chris Cass of Gracenote, David Courtier-Dutton of Soundout, Nuemeta’s Vanessa Bastian, Amke Block from Audiomagnet and Nic Garnett all promise to come together on this issue.

The closing debate, led by Cliff Fluet of Lewis Silkin, will be an orgy of data discipline and correction, featuring Evan Stein, founder of Decibel, Adrian Woodhead, technical team lead of, Chris Jackson, founder of MetaBroadcast and Olly Mardling, head of Sound Index.

If you can’t get excited about semantic analysis of Big Data, there’s no hope for you.

Music 4.5 Data is Sexy 2 is here.