Cloud providers should ‘shoulder responsibility’ on educating customers about security

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It’s only fair

According to a recent PWC report, organisations are falling victim to data breaches because of a loose grip on internal and external supplier security.

It found that over half of small businesses it surveyed didn’t conduct security reports on external suppliers, and instead relied on contingency plans.

According to the report, almost half (45 percent) of all organisations breached data protection laws last year. Managed services provider Claranet is claiming that cloud providers must lead the charge in setting an example for strong cloud security.

The company said that the statistics show that there’s a basic lack of education and awareness from a long list of organisations. Major cloud players along with other IT providers must, then, step up to the plate to educate customers on security if they are going to build trust.

In the report, 34 percent of small businesses were found to be allowing personal mobile devices to attach to networks, but without proper Bring Your Own Device practices in place.

Claranet UK’s managing director, Michel Robert, said that the report demonstrates cloud providers, like itself, must take on the responsibility of educating organisations about security best practices in the workplace.

“Small businesses are often unaware of the threats posed to their businesses,” Robert said. “Cloud providers should shoulder some of the responsibility, by ensuring businesses of all sizes are educated in the appropriate actions to take – to prevent any data breaches as a result of outsourcing their data to third party suppliers”.

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