HP promises double performance with 3PAR, VMware combo

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Puts its money where its mouth is

HP has put its money where its mouth is with a guarantee that its 3PAR storage will double performance in VMware virtualised environments.

With the launch of the Get Virtual Guarantee Program, HP says that it can improve server virtualisation return on investment by doubling physical server virtual machine performance when using its 3PAR systems with VMware.

This will mean doubling the total virtual machine workload to get a two times increase in virtual server density. This can help keep costs down when customers move to a virtualised environment, HP claims.

If HP’s promises fall through?  It says it will provide customers involved in the programme with the disk capacity and all related software and support to achieve the results anyway.

The snag is, to step up to the HP virtualisation challenge channel partners must purchase a 3PAR storage system and run vSphere 4.1 or higher.

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