IBM: SMB cloud adoption to drive MSP growth

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Survey shows mobile workforce is more important for cloud adoption than cost

SMBs are increasinlgy looking towards Managed Service Providers (MPSs) in order to accelerate their move towards the cloud, says IBM.

As SMBs look to move applications to the cloud in order to increase the mobility of their workforce, MSPs are being sought out to help offload the management of IT infrastructure.

With SMBs having access to limited IT resources, IBM says that MSPs are well positioned to provide a link between vendors such as itself in order to speed cloud adoption.   IBM reckons that SMBs will provide the strongest areas of growth in the coming years.

According to an IBM survey, SMBs are increasingly adopting cloud services in order to provide for a more flexible and mobile workforce..

While the benefits of cloud computing are often highlighted as cost based, IBM says that small businesses are more interested in using the cloud to allow employees more mobility.

IBM asked 500 senior SMB managers for their reasons for implementing the cloud, with 39 percent stating that mobility was a prime consideration.

33 percent cited cost efficiencies as a reason to move to the cloud.

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