Majority of businesses use multiple clouds

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Clouds, all kinds of clouds

Hybrid model the way forward

Commensus has revealed that the large majority of its customers are firms which use more than one cloud provider and cloud type – a trend towards using multiple clouds, public, private, and hybrid, to meet the needs of businesses.

The trend signals a steady acceleration in multi cloud. Commensus’ customers have been accessing more than one public cloud while also building smaller, custom, private clouds for businesses to use on-site, and to complement the public cloud.

Virtualisation giant VMWare, Commensus points out, recently said that hybrid and multiple cloud usage is the only future for companies which want to manage costs and bolster their performance.

Commensus CTO Alex Parker said most of its customers are using public cloud for elasticity. “This has enabled companies to produce their own, smaller, private cloud on-premise and then link them to the public cloud – at commensus, we call this hybrid cloud management”.

The company got the results from analysing customer behaviour through its Secure Cloud Platform.

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