IBM announces SmartCloud desktop

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Virtualisation for companies of all sizes

IBM has introduced a range of technology that it claims will help in the role of the flexible workplace.

IBM Smartcloud Desktop Infrastructure is built to help clients get their heads around BYOD, allowing for IT managers to oversee desktops centrally while a number of users, small or large, are able to access desktop applications from devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones and thin clients, at any location.

According to the company, Smartcloud Desktop supports the “widest” range of industry hardware, software, and virtualisation platforms including for industries like health care, education, financial services, retail, public sector, local, state, and federal government agencies.

IBM created the product in collaboration with top software and network providers like Citrix and VMware.

IBM cited the bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UJF which deployed the services, including Desktop Everywhere, for an easy-use terminal. It said two big advantages were the support for more software types, as well as being able to stop application failures from collapsing the whole system.

IBM System x general manager, Adalio Sanchez, said that companies of any size will be able to benefit from its virtual computing, bringing with it agility, lower costs, less complexity, and freeing up critical IT resources.

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