VMware releases Workstation and Fusion updates

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VMware upgrades

VMware has announced new Workstation and Fusion releases in the run up to VMworld next week.

VMware’s Workstation 9 is the latest update on its personal virtualisation software, with support for Windows 8, along with new features for IT managers to test out.   

Administrators can configure virtual machines so that, for example, students cannot download files to physical desktops, attach devices, or muck around with settings.

Greater mobility is on offer, VMware says, allowing access to virtual machines running in Workstation vSphere from tablets and smartphones.  Multitouch is also supported on Windows 8 based devices, while virtual machines get a power boost.

Workstation 9 will be available for purchase for $249, with upgrades from Workstation 7 and 8 available at cheaper prices, and will be available through VMware’s reseller and distributor network.

Also released in VMware’s Fusion 5, allowing users to easily run Windows on Apple’s Mac range of PCs.

Fusion 5 has been updated to support the latest operating systems from both Microsoft and Apple, meaning that Windows 8 can be run on an OS X Mountain Lion machine.

There is a performance upgrade too, with up to 40 percent faster speeds compared to previous iterations of Fusion, as well as better power management and faster 3D graphics.

Fusion 5 Profession will features these upgrades, alongside other capabilities such as the ability to cover countless other operating systems beside various Windows versions.

Fusion 5 Profession will also allow restricted machines to be configured, stopping users from tampering with machine settings or attaching devices.

A commercial license for VMware Player 5 will also be included in the update.   Fusion 5 and Fusion 5 Professional will be available for  $49.99 and $99.99 respectively, with volume pricing from resellers available through VMware’s site.

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