Nexenta: VMware top dog among OpenStorage customers

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VMware wins hypervisor doorstep challenge, according to Nexenta survey

VMware is holding onto its server hypervisor dominance despite a growing threat from Microsoft and Citrix, a Nexenta survey has found.

A poll of 4,000 of the storage software providers’ customers showed that 79.4 percent of respondents selected VMware as a server hypervisor.  A further 69.3 percent chose VMware as their primary hypervisor, according to the research by the VMware Elite Partner.

This meant that others, such as Citrix, KVM and Hyper-V accounted for less than 10 percent of respondents primary choice for server virtualisation software.

When asked to choose their preferred hypervisor over the next 12 months, 66.8 percent said they were planning on sticking with their VMware tools.

“The survey shows what many instinctively know: VMware is the platform to beat when it comes to server hypervisors,” said Bill Roth, Nexenta vice president of marketing.

Roth did note that the study shows that VMware still “faces a threat from the numerous competitors” snapping at its heels however.

OpenStorage software vendor Nexenta is set to exhibit its latest open-source NexentaStor products at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco this week.

At the event yesterday VMware chief exec Paul Maritz said that, despite Microsoft stepping up its fight to grab share from VMware, its Hyper-V products were still not good enough.

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