HP reluctant to push enterprise Win 8 Ultrabooks

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Haswell that ends well

A source close to HP at the Intel Developer Forum has conceded the company is very reluctant to push Ultrabooks to the enterprise.

The answer is quite simple, really. Business customers are often still running legacy systems on XP and are not planning to jump an OS for Windows 8 – especially with all that fancy touchscreen stuff that adds about $100 onto the B.O.M and is not desirable for a certain kind of heavy PC user. Although it’d make playing Angry Birds easier at obligatory presentations, the cost just isn’t worth it.

Plus, the looming cloud of BYOD that is hovering over the workplace already has IT departments tearing their hair out and many enterprises aren’t as keen to introduce loads of different machines onto their networks.

So HP, as TechEye reports, has no plans at the moment to sell Ultrabooks into the enterprise space.

As for all the features on the upcoming Haswell – we detail the pricey sample machines on TE here – well, business users are not that excitable about gestures and voice recognition. It makes for a confusing office.

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