Westcoast drives Windows 8 reseller scheme

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Westcoast’s resellers have praised a Windows 8 training initiative by the company, but have admitted they fear this may pile on more pressure for them to sell the new operating system.

The comments come as the distributor announced that it would be travelling around the country on an “experience bus” to help train its partners on Windows 8 and the newest Office offerings. The bus will either arrive at reseller offices or at a venue.

The traditional style double decker bus will offer an insight into the new OS, and will include personalised devices as well as staff on hand to offer full product sales training on 10 modules.

These include service selling, partner opportunities and how to make money with Windows 8 and the new Office.

However, while resellers have praised the initiative, they have their reservations, questioning what they expect to give back as a result.

One said, speaking with ChannelBiz UK: “Any help and advice on any topic is much appreciated, especially if it’s free. I like the way it offers to come to our offices if we can’t accommodate the bus too.

“However, the cynic in me is asking if this means we’ll be plied with more pressure on the selling of this OS after this company’s hard drive into it. I’m sure we will, Nothing comes for free.”

A separate reseller said that the initiative is no surprise: “Of course it’s going to go on a big drive for MS, the OS is a huge profit margin for the company. We’re pleased that we’re being recognised but let’s face it, the company isn’t just doing it for us.”

Another added: “I like it. It’s a great idea. It looks like a party bus. I just hope the certifications and future training costs don’t go up as a result to cover this huge push.

“Westcoast has always been good to its resellers as long as they make money for them, but when we begin to slip then the pressure always comes on.”

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