SAP sees double-digit growth

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SAP thinks that it is about to see meteoric growth, despite the economic woes facing the industry

SAP thinks that it is about to see meteoric growth, despite the economic woes facing the industry

According to the Economic times, SAP co-chief executive Bill McDermott told a German newspaper may be able to sustain high sales from software and related services for a “very long time.”

Never mind the fact that it is competing with Oracle and IBM and businesses are hanging onto their cash because of the economy, McDermott said it was the company’s ambition to grow with double-digit numbers for a long time to come.
McDemott said that these sorts of figures were possible, although he did not really say how.

He did rule out buying any more companies. SAP just bought cloud-computing company Ariba and Success Factors and these deals were widely seen as being useful for the company’s growth.

One of the areas where SAP is hopeful of growing is in India.  SAP Co-CEO William McDermott said that the company is working with the Indian government and the country’s bigger corporates to sell its services.

SAP is however hampered by the fact that most Indian business is based around SMEs which are not a big buyer of SAP software.

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