Resellers Face Forced Carbon Reporting To Keep Big Contracts

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Report your solutions’ carbon footprints or lose your customers, warns sustainability giant Ecodesk

IT suppliers could lose some of their most prestigious customers unless they can declare the energy consumption and carbon footprint of their solutions.

Cloud green contract deal © kenjito ShutterstockEcodesk, the world’s largest open sustainability data reporting site, has warned that come April the rules of supplying LSE listed businesses will change. Unless resellers and systems integrators report their energy and carbon consumption, they will face legal action. The logic is that it helps enterprises to identify potential cost savings, improve efficiencies and reduce investor risk.

Declare Your Footprint

Suppliers that perform consistently poorly over their reporting of energy use and carbon emissions could face censure. Those that refuse to report their data could lose their contracts, as this would hamper the efforts of enterprise to meet corporate social responsibility targets.

Companies such as CA Technologies, Eurostar, Mitie, ISS, Compass Group and PepsiCo have already begun making their suppliers jump through sustainable hoops, according to Ecodesk.

The pressure will be on for the channel, warned Ecodesk’s CEO Robert Clarke. “Supply chains have to start measuring, reporting and managing their energy use next year or they could face losing business,” said Clarke.

Mandatory Reporting

As mandatory reporting rules force LSE listed companies to declare their energy usage, there will be a knock on effect for their supply chains. “Energy use will be an increasingly important factor in managing business costs in the coming months,” he said.

Over one million suppliers are likely to be affected by the compulsory reporting.



Author: Nick Booth
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