EVault Recruiting VARs For Its Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Service

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Can the channel sell a cloud disaster recovery service? EVault thinks it can

Seagate subsidiary EVault is looking for channel partners as it launches its Cloud Disaster Recovery Service (CDR) in the UK. The managed service was previously restricted to the US, where EVault helped 20 clients survive and recover from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

EVault CDR allows companies to recreate their existing business systems in EVault’s cloud infrastructure. Should hurricanes, floods or terror attacks take out a company’s offices or data centre, the disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering revives them within four, 24 or 48 hours – depending on the service premium.

Reselling recovery

Though EVault runs the service, there is considerable opportunity for the channel to make margins on this, explained Janson Hoambrecker, EVault’s director of cloud disaster recovery. “The reseller owns the customer and they are the first port of call. They remain closest to the client, but we’re giving them the option to offer a white-glove, fully-managed service,” he said.

Valerie Fawzi, EVault’s marketing VP, outlined how resellers will have scope for adding value. “Resellers will make margin just on selling the service, but there are plenty of other responsibilities. They will take the client through the necessary preparations – working out the system configuration, devising the disaster recovery plan, testing it, and walking the client through practice runs. When disaster strikes, people need to know exactly what to do. The VARS will offer that leadership.”

EVault picked up dozens of new clients when Hurricane Sandy hit the north-eastern seaboard of the US, in addition to the 20 existing clients it was already supporting. The company claimed that incidents of flooding are on the increase in the UK and, combined with increasingly strict compliance regulations in many industries, there are compelling argument for a cloud-based disaster recovery. The exercise of duplicating the entire IT estate in the cloud is also a good proving ground for cloud adoption, too, said Fawzi. “Having seen that it works some companies are moving certain apps to the cloud permanently.”

The channel in the UK will be managed by new recruit Andrew Brewerton, EVault’s regional director for EMEA West.

Author: Nick Booth
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