Exponential-e provides VDI to Gloucester City Homes

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The housing association is going ‘digital first’

Cloud service provider Exponential-e has been selected by independent social landlord Gloucester City Homes to support its move towards becoming a “digital-first” organisation.

Exponential-e will use its super-fast 100Gbps Ethernet network to deliver a virtual desktop infrastructure that provides employees with access to a persistent, personal desktop from any device or location.

exponential-eSince all services are delivered down a single piece of fibre, Gloucester City Homes has the flexibility to easily scale or adapt its infrastructure to meet its changing needs. In addition, Exponential-e provides managed service support and security assurance so that Gloucester City Homes doesn’t have to invest large amounts of resources in managing the system.

In just a short space of time, we’ve already seen the benefits that a secure and stable infrastructure delivers. Staff can now move from a desk to a meeting room to home and pick up their desktop in exactly the same state as they left it,” said Lesley Williams, head of IT at Gloucester City Homes.

Following Exponential-e’s successful track record in the housing sector and the recommendations that it was able to provide from existing customers, we have confidence that our partnership will be successful,” said Williams.