Big business wants to cut IT spending

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Adobe headquarters in San JoseA report commissioned by software company Adobe has revealed that 73 percent of IT directors at large companies are being put under pressure to cut costs rather than to invest in more technology.

That’s despite Adobe saying that by investing in technology, companies can improve efficiency and save money. Vanson Bourne carried out the study in January this year, canvassing 100 IT directors.

And 59 percent of the IT directors backed up Adobe’s claim, saying that updated software and systems would allow them to perform their jobs better. There’s also pressure on the IT directors from employees, with 57 percent asking companies to give them access to information on personal mobile devices.

That was reinforced by 76 percent of the directors who said that their priorities were mobile and security.

Anke Schnedler, marketing manager for Adobe said: “IT directors are clearly having to strike a fine balance between the board and the employees… and having to keep up with the latest technology and the challenges this presents, and ensure the IT infrastructure keeps running.”

She said that technology can improve productivity and by upgrading to the latest tools, businesses can achieve large savings.

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