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Social Performance Management to boost productivity has announced it has completely integrated social performance management service Rypple, as well revamping, its social-oriented website publishing (CMS) system as a part of the Rypple integration.

As a build up to Cloudforce, the company’s corporate event, has spilled the beans on the first results of the Rypple acquisition. Rypple is an HR performance management service company acquired last year, whose business is to help managers improve their team members’ performance through a souped-up version of performance review tools, a Web 2.0 version, so to speak.

The difference, when compared to traditional performance review tools, for example, is that you get less of the greyish spreadsheets and DIY charts, and a more social, efficient automation to your managerial duties. Instead of the seasonal performance reporting, you get real-time pats on the back and kudos from your manager or the opposite if you’re underperforming.

Rypple has been around for a while, but it was bought by last December. The result of this acquisition has now spawned the first fully Rypple online service, Well, too has been around, but the point is that companies will now be able to integrate the remainder of tools and services into is a cloud-based CMS that allows businesses and users to publish content for their company site and simultaneously across a variety of platforms, effectively putting the entire production of content in the hands of a skilled marketeer, reducing costs and extending the corporate presence across media.

Both SAP and Oracle are on a collision course with in this business segment, following their acquisitions of SuccessFactors and Taleo.

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