Lavastorm Analystics and Coney team up to bring products to the Benelux market

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Coney to use Lavastorm’s products to analyse, optimise and control complex business processes.

Lavastorm Analytics and consulting and audit firm Coney have announced that they will be coming together to bring Lavastorm’s products to the Benelux market.

Coney, which is well known in the data-analysis consulting and accountancy industry, will use the Lavastorm Analytic Platform to expand its service offerings beyond its current audit analytics.

It will use Lavastorm’s products to include analytic technologies in its services and as a way to help businesses manage the growing challenges presented by increasingly complex business processes. This includes the proliferation of operational data, and what it claims a “rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.”

The company said that by using Lavastorm’s next-generation agile data discovery technology it will be able to to analyse, optimise, and control complex business processes.

It will act as a reseller of Lavastorm’s products and will also push them when putting together plans for its clients.

Marco Hill, Partner and Co-founder of Coney, said: “The Benelux market is moving beyond financial audit analytics towards a more complete understanding and pro-active control of critical business processes.

“The goal of achieving operational excellence requires a new generation of analytic tools that are simultaneously powerful, flexible, and intuitive.  We have found this unique combination in Lavastorm, and we are excited to be partnering with them to bring their products to our market.”

Dan Donovan, head of partner development at Lavastorm Analytics, said: “Lavastorm seeks to work with innovative, ambitious firms to accelerate the adoption of our technology.

“In Coney, we have found a partner that has both the vision and execution capabilities to help clients use our products to analyse, optimise, and control their most important and complex business processes.

“We look forward to working with Coney as they continue to innovate in their market.”

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