Tablet use set to grow by 150 percent next year

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Good news for ecommerce and the enterprise

The number of people using tablets is set to increase by more that 150 percent by 2013.

According to research2guidance, which has based this figure on Q2 projections for tablet shipments in 2012, this will also have a positive impact on the app market.

It said that during 2011, apps in the Apple App Store for iPad grew 180 percent to more than 140,000 apps by the end of Q4 2011.

However, figures for Android apps were harder to obtain, as tablet apps for this platform were not separated from mobile apps.

According to the company several studies have shown that tablet users show different behaviour towards app downloading/and mobile browsing than smartphone users.

It said this was particularly true when it came to gaming, ecommerce, digital publishing and the enterprise, where tablet growth was likely to have a positive effect in these areas.

For example, in the enterprise market tablets have already been widely implemented at higher management levels. The company cited research by Apple CEO Tim Cook, which found that  in 2012, 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies were testing or using iPads.

It said as more of these cases arose so would the number of apps being developed for enterprise tablet users.

Other companies are right behind Apple, which has already carved out a niche section for iPad and iPhone Business users called “@Work”, with Lenovo and Cisco trying to do the same for Android Business users.

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