Dell expands desktop virtualisation offerings following Wyse acquisition

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Dell's HQ in Round Rock

DVS Enterprise and DVS Simplified Alliance now available to partners in UK and parts of Europe

Dell has expanded its desktop virtualisation offerings in the UK following its acquisition of Wyse.

Dell announced that it would buy up cloud client computing firm Wyse back in February, and says that it will now ramp up its move into desktop virtualisation with a range of “easy to use” services.

These include DVS Simplified Alliance, which offers simple to install software for organisations which limited IT complexity, and DVS Enterprise for larger scale rollouts, using VMware and Citrix software.

DVS Enterprise  uses the latest Dell 12G servers, storage and will work alongside the newly released View software from VMware, also aimed at driving interest in desktop virtualisation through easier and more secure use.

Desktop as a service will be offered at a later date alongside Desktone.

“An increasing number of customers are turning to Dell as a trusted partner to help take the guess work out of developing virtual desktop architectures,” said Dell’s Steve Lalla, general manager of Dell’s mobility solutions group.

“With DVS Simplified we took our expertise in engineering an out-of-the-box experience to the virtual desktop space,” said Steve Lalla, “and with DVS Enterprise, we make it easy to deploy desktop virtualisation solutions across the enterprise to fit diverse user needs.”

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