CIOs can keep business partners sweet with application performance management

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Quest software white paper develops a three-pronged plan

With customer demand on applications continually increasing, CIOs are under pressure to monitor deal with more complex systems while implementing new technologies.

Application performance management may be a priority for IT staff over the next years, but it is perhaps difficult to communicate the benefits of IT housekeeping to other parts of an organisation.

However, a white paper from Quest Software shows that by keeping good track of applications, other senior staff concerned about more about bottom lines and immediate returns can be kept happy too.

Three opportunities for CIOs to build business trust have been highlighted in using application performance management.

The first of these is to turn disruptive technology into an opportunity.  With new technology comes potential risk, but by using application performance management this can be done more safely and with reduced costs, opening up possibilities for using new technologies for business.

Secondly, the white paper suggests reducing the risk of modern applications by creating a more comprehensive view of potential problems in real time through application management.  A ‘real world view’ gives a better ability to prevent any problems and to react to them.

Thirdly, CIOs should set out a vision of how to complete tasks to other ‘C’ level staff in order to show the business value of identifying new technology enabled revenue streams.

“More than 60 percent of the IT department’s time is spent on operations – making sure ‘the lights are on’,” says John Newsom, vice president and general manager, Applications Business Unit, Quest Software.

“Using APM, those resource-intensive operational tasks can be automated, leaving more time for CIOs and their departments to focus on innovation.”

“In speaking with CIOs across the country, it’s clear that to build trust with other business executives, they need to deliver tangible results pointing to outstanding IT service delivery. APM is the way to not only meet, but exceed that expectation.”