DSCallards signs reseller partner agreement with Actian Corporation

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Pair use their Yellowfin and Vectorwise products

DSCallards has signed up with the Actian Corporation.

The agreement between the provider of Business Intelligence (BI) products and the analytical database company, which created Vectorwise, will complement DSCallards existing reseller agreement with BI product Yellowfin.

It means that the pair will be able to offer partners “a total business analytics package”, at a price point which is claimed to  increase the accessibility of reporting and analytics.

As a result of DSCallards experience in BI, the pair also claim that they will be able to support an underserved majority of companies in the UK where high-end analytical products are too costly and lower end products aren’t strong enough.

Adrian Handley, managing director, DSCallards, said: “We’re very excited about our partnership with Actian and that in Vectorwise, we now have a solution that will help our customers to rapidly zero-in on the information they need – without wasting time sifting through vast amounts of irrelevant data.”.

“With Vectorwise and Yellowfin BI, we have the perfect marriage of speed and ease-of-use that can benefit everyone in the organisation, not just a select few. The result is instant answers to complex queries and better decision-making across the enterprise.”

Steve Shine, CEO of Actian returned the praise adding: “It is not a question of how you store or analyse your large data volumes these days, it is how quickly you can act upon the intelligence and insight you can get from your data.

“The two-pronged approach of using our database, Vectorwise, as the back end, and Yellowfin’s BI layer at the front end, will not only give enterprises turbo-charged business analytics at breakneck speed, but also the chance to take action on their Big Data.”

He said that by working with DSCallards to take this proposition to market, the pair were set for immediate growth. This, he said was because DSCallards could complement the products “with their expertise and experience”.

The announcement has been made ahead of a joint launch event that takes place on July 3rd, 2012 at IBM South Bank, London.