Avnet helps partners build social media presence through socialondemand

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Supplying vendor social media content is leading to “significantly higher” response rate than traditional marketing

Avnet Technology Solutions has heralded the launch the channel social media tool socialondemand to help vendors reach customers through its business partners social networks.

socialondemand, from purechannelapps, will be used by the IT distie to push vendor content to help its business partners build a social media presence, with AVnet claiming that response rates are “significantly higher” than traditional marketing tools.

Avnet has already begun registering its partners and the says that socialondemand has led to an average of eight reposts per partner per piece of content provided by Avnet.

This has produced 7,000 clicks, downloads and retweets for its vendors, while click through rates of up to 25 percent have been achieved for many news items.

“Using the tool, we are able to provide our business partners with a valuable source of content which they often find a challenge to create themselves,” said Bruce Hockin, Head of Solutions Strategy, Avnet Technology  Solutions, UK.

“By giving them a regular stream of targeted content which they can post as their own, we will help them build their social presence and positively influence the end-user decision making process.”

According to Avnet’s Microsoft marketing manager Julie Field it is all about end user engagement.

“We are constantly looking for ways in which to help our business partners undertake marketing activities that drive end-user engagement and generate new opportunities,” Field said.

“Avnet socialondemand is a great way for us to provide a unique value-add to partners that want to build their business practice with Avnet.”

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