Mortals beware! Oracle is assembling its Stack for Cloud Superpower Domination

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Stark warning: Channel acolytes programmed to receive Oracle’s message in virtual EMEA gig on the 26th June, 2pm BST.

Wakker Engles, wat nieuws van het orakel?

They emblazon our taxis, they have infiltrated our airports and boarding passes. They have even entered our movies with some bold product placement and cameo appearances from founder and CEO Larry Ellison aka Iron Man, Tony Stark.

It all adds up to one thing.

Oracle is about to open its kimono and reveal something to the channel, the world and those watching in Asgard and other astral dimensions.

And with Stark Expo (Open World) not till September my prescience is telling me that something is going to happen around the 25th and 26th of June.

CEO, Stark has already in his usual understated manner announced that after seven years of gamma radiation, Oracle’s hulking Fusion applications have suddenly morphed into a Cloud monster rather than a replacement to Siebel et al- which scribes had noted Stark had previously spake at previous Stark Expos.

And now its marketing minions are prepped and tooled up at the other end of the rainbow bridge to unleash a full scale war to transform the mind-set of the IT manager so that they are clamouring only for an Amazonian like Oracle cloud domain with ease of linkage from on premises to public cloud within the Oracle technology framework.

In Stark’s mind, with these new enhanced products, all competitors will be blown away and banished to the Isle of Silence.

Meanwhile back on earth, despite Stark’s rhetoric,the Oracle stack of technologies and associated services that is looking to help reduce power consumption, datacentre size and handle the explosion in data that is occurring will always be a compelling option for end users and a good opportunity for resellers to help manage these business problems for their customers.

By its own numbers Oracle estimates that by 2015 mobile devices alone will create 6.3 Exabytes of data, 26x more than today, and that space missions are and will collect more data in a few days than was previously collected since the first dog barked in space. Now that is big data!

And with most businesses doubling the volume of the data they gather on a yearly basis this data explosion is not going to go away.

Let’s hope that like the recent EMC announcements, Oracle’s strategy to tackle these real world issues with its supercharged line of products and services will heavily rely on its reseller partners to deliver the necessary super power for customers.

And let’s also hope that despite the regular competition bashing that accompanies Stark keynotes, no one customer is going to want their entire solution from one vendor so perhaps it’s time for Stark to cool his jets on this approach and realise the world has changed.

Ps Thor could use some help over at RIM

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