LSI signs up Stordis for flash storage portfolio

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Flash! Aaaaaaa.

Stordis has become a distributor in Europe for the LSI Nytro Warpdrive application acceleration card, LSI’s second gen flash adaptor portfolio.

CEO Alexander Jeffries said in a statement that flash storage is becoming vital for resellers in delivering hardware to the enterprise and within datacentres, but it is also important in vertical markets such as financial trading.

According to Jeffries, there is also opportunity in the media and broadcast industry and traditional high performance computing. Stordis claims the PCIe interface is the best way to deliver this. and the company believes LSI has the most comprehensive and compelling roadmap in the market.

The cards come in flavours between 200GB to 3.2TB of MLC or SLC flash memory. One Nytro card is able to deliver the I/O performance of hundreds of HDDs, the company says, improving performance and response times but taking up less space and power.

As organisations and businesses eat up ever increasing amounts of data customers are going to need storage architecture which can deliver in low latency but at a high performance.

LSI’s EMEA channel sales director, Thomas Pavel, gave a thumbs up to Stordis. It has a “proven track record as a European distributor,” he said.

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