Hardware releases offer hope for Taiwan supply chain

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Ultrabooks and iPhone cause for optimism as Eurozone hits Taiwan manufacturing

Taiwanese manufacturers are concerned over the effects of the Eurozone crisis on the supply chain, though there is some room for optimism with electronic hardware releases on the way.

Around 20 percent of domestically produced goods are shipped over to Europe, and the ongoing financial crisis is having an effect further up the supply chain.

According to research from the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) the worst is not over yet, writes Taipei Times.

Gordon Sun, director of TIER;s forecasting centre liken the situation to “walking in a long tunnel without knowing where the end is,” Sun said, rather more poetic than the usual vendor talk about the ‘new normal’ of economic recession.

There are some causes for optimism however, and the electronics and components sectors are perhaps the best performing sectors of the manufacturing industry.

Electronics and components accounts for around a Taiwan’s manufacturing shipments, and businesses were relatively upbeat about the next six months.

This is because of the impending release of the iPhone 5 and new, cheaper Ultrabooks.  Clearly, as we potentially approach Eurogeddon, consumers spending their last pennies on the latest Apple toy is regarded as a given.

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