Avnet snaps up eastern components distie Internix

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Shopping spree continues with distributor for major Japanese OEMs

Avnet is further expanding its global operations with a tender offer for Japanese components distributor Internix.

Internix supplies OEMs in Japan, and Avnet will use its “enhanced supply chain” to provide support to major OEMs in other countries.   Internix operates in a number of other countries in Asia including China and Thailand.

Avnet has been busy expanding its operations in Europe too, with acquisitions of another components distributor Altron GmbH & Co. KG, as well as the buyout of Magirus.

The deal has been approved by the board of directors, and is expected to be completed by the end of next month.

“This acquisition brings us new suppliers and services, as well as many significant new customers including virtually all the major Japanese electronic OEMs, thereby positioning us to accelerate profitable growth,” said Tom McCartney, president and representative director, Avnet EM Holdings Japan.

He added that “by adding Internix’s strength for design chain services…we can provide complete solutions for our customers, especially in the telecommunications and networking, image processing and energy management system segments.”

“We will also enhance our competitive position, take advantage of cross-selling opportunities with existing customers and provide global customer support,” he said.

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