Peplink arrives in the UK

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Hopes to extend US success

VPN bonding and load balancing company Peplink has officially opened its doors in the UK as well as bringing in a country manager to work with local channel partners.

Peplink says that its Balance Multi-WAN routers and access points enjoy deployments worldwide, including in its portfolio devices that run with ethernet, satellite. DSL, wi-fi, 3G and 4G networks bonded altogether using the company’s SpeedFusion bonding VPN.

The company’s first UK office has opened in Windsor, where UK country manager Andy Harris will target growth in the country. In a statement, Harris boasted that Peplink has enjoyed widespread success in the States as well as emerging markets, and it was about time the company headed to these shores.

“Organisations of all shapes and sizes need internet and WAN access and the loss of connectivity can stop many businesses in their tracks,” Harris said. Peplink, then, can provide a wide range of connectivity to put together either a  resilient primary link or a backup circuit in case there is an outage.

“Crucially, the entire process is transparent to the network and at the lowest cost in the industry,” Harris said.

Among Peplink’s existing UK and European customers – through existing channel partnerships – are the BBC, Marriot Hotels, and Volkswagen.

The company believes the time is right to really focus on capitalising in the UK market, as there is no “like-for-like” competitor and the technology is suited for sales or as part of managed services.  A UK focused distribution partner will be announced by the new team soon.

In particular, the company might strike gold in the UK because 4G conectivity is en route, so it will be able to provide technology for branch offices, vehicles, and rural areas that costs significantly less than wired options, as well as the ability to combine multiple providers on one device.

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