Polycom puts the partner kettle on

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Launches seven segmented programmes

Unified communications company Polycom said it has introduced a Partner Network to bring together its previous channel programmes, encompassing something like 7,000 partners worldwide.

The programme includes a developer aspect that lets ISVs (independent software vendors) to use its APIs and SDKs branded “Polycom Ready” and “Polycom Powered” for embedding in devices, products or software applications.

“The Polycom Partner Network,” said Tracey Newell, executive VP of global sales, “broadens our global partner ecosystem so that partners can focus on what they do best and easily find and collaborate with the right partners o deliver complete and customized unifie communications and video collaboration for every customer worldwide.”

It has rationalised its network into seven segments: Polycom Strategic Alliances; Polycom Technology Partners; Polycom Developers; Polycom Distributors; Polycom Solution Advisors; Polycom System Integrators; and Polycom Service Providers.

Existing partners include HP, HT, Lenovo, Motorola and Samsung.

The company has also introduced a portal, Polycom Connect for Partners, to let its large alliance network access other providers in order to close sales.

Earlier this week Polycom announced a major design win with Heineken, aimed at collaborative video networking.