The Social Media Whisperer says Get on You Tube Today!

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Channel advised to have a Channel

Slaat de spijker op zijn kop

Back in the old days, You Tube was the realm of sneezing pandas and skateboarding dogs.

It used to be like watching the wet-dream-reality of Denis Norden: an online equivalent of It Will Be Alright On The Night and the World’s Funniest Animals all squeezed into one searchable index of clips.

Thankfully You Tube was sans the Norden commentary and the woeful gags that perpetually asked “If you were one of those people”.

So who’d have thunk that a few years later a monkey scratching its backside and a few Norden inspired home movie style clips would lead to three billion videos being watched on the channel a day!

And who would have thought that having a You Tube channel and engaging with a B2C as well as B2B audience would be a must do on the marketing lists of the major tech companies and channel companies.

But its working! And people in both B2C and B2B are taking video extremely seriously.

After parent Google’s search engine, You Tube is widely considered the “second” search engine and many social media whisperers are advising tech companies that being on You Tube is now “crucial,”

This advice partly explains the recent marketing moves by Tony Stark (Larry Ellison) over at Oracle to get as many people watching the company’s You Tube channel to get a handle on Oracle’s recent cloud and product announcements.

The reason, say the whisperers, is that You Tube offers a great opportunity to showcase products, explain difficult technical concepts- like Oracle has done with its infographics and retro synth techno beats on its channel.

And having a channel can also give the company a “Face.” Dit le chuchoteurs.

It can also help you attract potential employees and that you are a great place to work like this far thinking distie has done.

Or start debates such as the rise of Generation Z and the growth of BYOD such as this large SI has done.

With the low costs to maintain, your company probably already has the experts already available in your own business as well as those who are willing to have their five minutes of fame. And if you are not already on there—and making plans to have a channel soon, your competitors will be.

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