Advanced comes up with invoicing on the cloud

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Advanced Cloud Invoicing enables low cost, paper-free and ‘supplier friendly’ invoice processing

Advanced Business Solutions has launched a cloud based service which allows for low cost electronic invoicing.

Dubbed Advanced Cloud Invoicing the system automates the processing of purchase invoices.

Dean Dickinson, Managing Director of Advanced said that the system is fast to deploy and is free for suppliers so it removes a lot of the barriers of e-invoicing and make life easier for suppliers and their customers.

Advanced Cloud Invoicing processes and then stores the invoices by using integrated document imaging technology.

Customers have instant access to all processed invoices directly from their finance system, Dickinson said.

He added customers can be up and running within days and the system does not require new ways of working.

Using the system, a supplier sends a text PDF invoice to a designated email address. The PDF invoice is detached from the email and all invoice data is read.  This data is converted into an eInvoice that the customer’s finance system can interpret and validate.

The data is loaded to the finance system’s invoice register and a copy of the original PDF invoice is stored in a central electronic archive.  Since it is all stored everyone has an accurate record of the transaction taking place.

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