C3 seeks to establish reseller network for Lookout Call

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But recruitment consultants warn this sector is not easy to crack

C3 is looking to establish a reseller network for its mobile-based lone worker safety system, Lookout Call.

Lookout Call is a mobile-based lone worker safety system that is currently used by more than 18,000 lone workers across the UK. The system is popular with a wide range of organisations, including charities, NHS trusts and local councils.

However, recruitment consultants have warned the reseller business is “risky” and “competitive”.

The comments come as the Cambridge-based telecommunications specialist, which currently works with, and seen success with, Momote, the business behind the mobile workforce management solution, MyMobileWorkers, announced it wanted to recruit more resellers.

It said it wanted distribution partners to either sell Lookout Call as a value added service or integrate it with existing products.

Brian Caddy, Lookout Call sales manager, said: “Lone worker safety touches almost every business in the UK, so the market for a product like Lookout Call is huge.

“We know that the demand is there, and we see a reseller network as the best and most customer friendly way of taking Lookout Call to new sectors.

“The product itself is flexible and can be adapted to fit in with existing product lines. So, at this stage, we are keen to hear from any company that sees the potential for a lone worker safety system for their existing customer base.”

However, those in the recruitment business have warned this type of job is not easy.

A reseller, in my eyes, is someone who can sell – I suppose it says this in the title,” one told ChannelBiz.

“However, unlike 15 years ago, it now takes more than a man in a suit to go around and pitch products, they need to offer other services. Of course I’m speaking broadly here, and the services could vary greatly here.

“With the sales sector crumbling we have seen many ex employees in this industry turning to this line of work, seeing it as a way to work for themselves and keep in the industry they know something about.

“However, from what I know about this job, it’s not as easy as all that. Competition is high and being self employed in this climate is risky. I doubt any company will go lightly on a partner if they can’t sell the goods.”

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