ElasticHosts offers high speed SSD hosting to customers

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SMEs get access to SSD cloud hosting

Cloud hosting firm Elastic Hosts is to start offering up hosting on solid state drives to customers.

Elastic Hosts  has previously offered cloud services based on HDDs, but the firm says that the use of SSDs can speed up virtualisation for cloud environments, which will make complex applications and large websites more efficient, and cheaper, to run.

SSDs offer much faster random read/write input/output operations per second (IOPS), allowing data to be accessed around 250 times faster than HDDs.  This means that they are well suited to large heavy databases with high I/O requirements.

The hosting firm says that the technology will now be available to customers of all sizes, from financial services to SMEs.

“We are pleased to offer the option of cloud hosting based on SSD drives to all of our customers”, said Richard Davies, CEO of ElasticHosts. “While HDDs are fine in most cases, in certain instances customers need greater performance.

“The SSD options will be particularly attractive to those customers looking to move high performance databases to a cloud based infrastructure-as-a-service model.”

He says that, as the cloud market matures, offering SSD is the “next step” for the firm, and intends to open up the benefits to all of its customers.

“Some cloud providers have offered SSD with only their largest, most expensive server instance sizes, but we believe that all of our customers should be offered the benefits of improved computing power and greater resiliency.”

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