Fashion Apps are putting a further strain on the high street

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But are great for the fashion world

Fashion Apps have transformed the way people buy clothes, but have also put a further strain on the high street, industry sources said.

The comments come as Samsung announced it has launched the Zara fashion App, which it claims will see the fashion chain’s latest collections brought to Android smartphones for the first time.

The Zara fashion App will be available as a free download exclusively from Samsung Apps for six months on any Samsung smartphone or tablet running on Android.

It will allow shoppers to browse through Zara Woman, TRF, Men and KIDS collections anytime they want as well make purchases by entering payment and shipping details.

Fashion Apps have come a long way from offering just a browsing experience and this market is crowded with top highstreet brands including Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, all offering customers the opportunity to browse and buy collections.

“It means a shopper can flick through a store and make a purchase wherever they are,” a fashion journalist told ChannelBiz.

“Whilst this is great for the retailer, it could put a strain on smaller, independent stores who don’t have this facility in place and depend on footfall.

“However, from a fashion perspective it shows that the world is evolving and we’re getting many more choices in the way we choose to shop.

“Many Apps are also going that step further offering buyers the option to use their
mobile devices to scan barcodes on in-store items to display on the App, as well as check for a size or colour that may be out of stock in the local shop.

“There’s also some that offer buyers the opportunity to see the garment on the catwalk and a sneak peak at the latest trends, which is great if you haven’t got a magazine handy.

“All we need now is a virtual tape measure that translates your size,” she added.

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