Brands at danger as cloud warps channel and vendors

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The Cloud of Unknowing

The continuing move to using datacentres as the basis for the cloud means that channel players and vendors are in danger of losing their own brand identity.

That’s according to Andrew Feldman, former CEO of SeaMicro and now general manager of the AMD’s Data Center Server Solutions Group.

The reason for that, he said, is that end users, whether SMBs, corporations and other enterprises do not need to know whether their servers use AMD Opterons or Intel Xeons..

The same difficulties affect the channel, Feldman said. It is increasingly hard for distributors to differentiate their offerings to customers.

He had his own definition of what the cloud is. The cloud are large concrete hangars in big warehouses in places where energy is cheap and there is nothing very romantic about them at all.

Earlier this week, AMD announced the SeaMicro SM15000 server, using the freedom fabric storage, which allows a 10 rack unit to support over five petabytes of low cost storage, good for apps such as Apache, Hadoop and Cassandra.

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Author: Mike Magee
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