Windows 8 faces severe App store hurdles

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Ethelred not quite ready

With the introduction of Windows 8 looming, software developers at the Intel Developer Forum have warned that at launch its equivalent of the Apple App Store will prove to be disappointing.

Six months ago, at a press launch at CeBIT, Microsoft promised that there would be tens of thousands of Apps available for its foray into fingers sliding over screens feature.

But, sources at one of the large microprocessor companies that deal with software company relations, said that there were several obstacles that prevent people developing apps for Windows 8.

Apple and Android devices have a large installed base and developers are reluctant to port their apps to Windows 8 until they’re sure it is going to be successful.  Despite the fact that apps effectively only cost pennies for people to buy, they are quite expensive for developers to create – and they can only recoup their investment if there are large volumes of sales.

Another source, who declined to be named, said that Microsoft itself placed severe restrictions on people creating apps which also deterred the ISVs.  One said that Microsoft had banned one app which circumvented the boot of the Metro touch interface and allowed the “start button” to re-appear.  He cannot understand why Metro is there when you boot up Windows 8, because of course many notebooks do not have touch capabilities – Ultrabooks for example, typically cost $100 more when that feature is implemented.

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