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Unit made, designed in South Africa

Greenbox reader A company exhibiting at the Fujitsu Imagining Channel conference here in Barcelona is showing off a device which makes signing up for mobile contracts, bank accounts, and other enrolment a piece of cake.

Greendoc Technologies launched the Greenbox 5001 in May this year. Designed and built in South Africa, it incorporates a document scanner, a fingerprint reader, signature recognition and a camera in a small footprint device measuring 165mm x 250mm x 350mm.

The paperless device verifies an individual’s identity, so that when you sign up for a mobile contract and have to hoik along utility bill, passport and the rest, the process can be done, so to speak, in one fell swoop.

The scanner allows A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, business cards and other formats to be linked to your fingerprint, your signature, and your ID. The machine is powered by USB and is currently supported by Windows 7, Windows XP SP2, and Vista and means that the next time you go to renew your contract all you need do is swipe your fingerprint.

Mike Morris, at the Greenbox booth in the exhibition area of the Fujitsu conference told ChannelBiz that the device was designed and built in South Africa and had a range of applications, including healthcare, financial services, supply chain management, telecomms and education. The unit also contains a smart card reader.

There is considerable interest in the unit from banks and mobile companies, he said, with electronic records available in real time. The digital records are ECT, FICA, RICA, NCA and CPA compatible.

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Author: Mike Magee
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