Rosslyn Analytics signs up Cockpit Consulting as strategic partner

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New partner will aid roll-out of business analytics app

Rosslyn Analytics has signed up Cockpit Consulting as a strategic partner to roll-out its cloud based business analytics services.

Cockpit Consulting, the second UK based consultancy to join up with Rosslyn Analytics this month, will help reduce the time needed for businesses to deploy the software vendor’s cloud-based app development and analytic platform, RAPid.

As part of the agreement Cockpit Consulting will also add in its own pre-built apps to the RAPid platform for use by Rosslyn Analytics’ customers and partners in future.

Philippe Perret, CEO of Cockpit Consulting commented that the deal will help advance the development of its business analytics apps.

“Rosslyn Analytics has developed a first-to-market cloud platform that enables Cockpit Consulting to accelerate and improve the development and management of the enterprise analytical apps our clients need to enhance their decision-making capabilities.”

Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics, added that the partnership will allow business to get easier access to the cloud services.

“We are excited that Cockpit Consulting has joined our popular partner programme,” said Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics.“Together, we will provide Cockpit’s clients with the right tools they require to exploit the value of enterprise data to enhance business performance in the cloud without the high cost and complexity of on-premise business intelligence solutions.”

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