Windows 8 won’t generate a boost in DRAM says research

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Disties disagree

Distributors have questioned research that Microsoft’s new OS won’t generate a boost in DRAM.

One has said it has not seen “any evidence” that this is in fruition, while another has said PC shipments have grown as a result.

The comments comes as IHS iSuppli released a report claiming that unlike previous Windows operating systems launches, Microsoft’s rollout of Windows 8 was not expected to generate a significant increase in DRAM shipments.

It said although DRAM bit shipments would likely increase by eight percent in the fourth quarter, previous Windows launches had pushed DRAM shipments to a double figure increase.

One of the reasons behind the meagre rise was cited as the system’s lean hardware requirements, maintaining the same hardware as that used by Windows 7.

However, one distie claimed it had not seen any evidence of the small rise telling ChannelBiz: “We’ve not really seen evidence of this to be honest, DRAM sales are stable and did grow a little in the lead up to Windows 8.

He added that the rise would continue into the next quarter “with the hype around the OS gaining momentum.”

However he warned there would probably be a slower second quarter as the “hype died down.”

Another however agreed that DRAM sales were lower than expected, however, he told ChannelBiz he was “unsure why,” pointing at “lean hardware requirements” possibly being a reason.

Despite this he disagreed with the company’s predictions that the arrival of the OS wouldn’t help PC shipments in the last quarter of this year, compared to last as a result of consumers shunning new purchases, claiming: “We’ve seen our partners get a high demand here. Whether that quietens down after the initial hype remains to be seen.”

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