ZTE wants to expand UK reseller and distributor network

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Chinese telecommunications company ZTE is expanding its reseller and distributor network in UK.

Chinese< telecommunications company ZTE is expanding its reseller and distributor network in UK as it pushes into the British enterprise market. ZTE, which showed off its portfolio of enterprise hardware and sofware at IP EXPO, has been working closely with Touchline Video. The plan is to bring out two new video conferencing products - a conference bridge, ZXV10 M900 and the ZXV10 T100 software client. The two companies partnered earlier this year to introduce the ZTE HD video conferencing ZXV10 T700 products in the UK market. Paul Cobos, sales director of ZTE UK said that ZTE was focused on increasing visibility of the brand within the UK enterprise market. He said the company had an extensive portfolio including video conferencing, switches, broadband access products, CPE and cloud computing based IDC, and globally, we have a huge number of customers. It thinks that it can replicate this in the UK by growing its reseller and distributor base. Cobos said the enterprise market is one of the three strategic business sectors in ZTE, and has seen the fastest revenue growth since 2011 for ZTE. The company's annual sales income increased of 89 per cent over the previous year. The sales revenue is year-on-year increase of 70 per cent in the first half of 2012. Revenue of the enterprise market is expected to reach $6 billion U.S. dollars by 2015. ZTE has a complex channel system with more than a thousand channel partners globally. In the overseas market, ZTE is targeting key channel markets including USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Turkey Russia, Brazil and India.

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