Distie Wick Hill to ship Imation’s IronKey Workspace

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Windows 8 on a USB stick

Value added distributor Wick Hill has started shipping Imation’s IronKey Workspace, a USB platform that lets users run Windows to Go from multiple PCs.

Windows To Go is a new feature Microsoft bunged into Windows 8 that lets enterprise users run the operating system from an external USB drive onto any compatible host PC. Because IronKey is secure, it’s a cheap and easy way for mobile workers to get going without posing any major headaches for IT staff, Wick Hill insists.

The idea is you can put Windows 8 Enterprise Edition onto IronKey Workspace so you can essentially carry a PC in your pocket – when it is plugged in to the host PC it can then take advantage of that system’s resources.

Wick Hill claims IronKey Workspace can deliver five times the minimum read/write performance needed for Windows To Go. It packs USB SuperSpee and Wick Hill says it has read performance of up to 400 MB/second, and write speeds of up to 300 MB/second.

For security, IronKey Workspace uses Windows To Go’s BitLocker password protection as well as up to 256-bit AES full disk encryption.

The device comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB flavours. Wick Hill says they will be available to buy in the UK early this December.


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