NetSuite tempts Sage partner with cloud-based ERP

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Eureka Solutions joins NetSuite partner programme

NetSuite has continued its campaign to tempt resellers of Sage’s on-premises applications to begin selling its own ERP cloud services, attracting a new solution provider to its partner ranks.

Eureka Solutions has now joined NetSuite’s Solution Provider Programme, having traditionally focused on Sage software to deliver financial and ERP services to its mid-market customer base.

Eureka managing director Alistair Livingstone told ChannelBiz UK that the main reason behind branching out from Sage’s on-premise services is to stay ahead of the curve with regards to cloud services.

“The real concern was that the cloud is happening,” Livingstone said, “we don’t have any control over that.   If we are to continue our growth over the next five to ten years we were in no doubt that we would need a cloud product onboard.”

He said that over the past 12 to 18 months the case for cloud has become much clearer, with initial apprehension among customers shifting to acceptance.   The allure of NetSuite’s cloud ERP software for Eureka is that it can still stake a claim as an early adopter in a fast growing cloud market.

“It is still early days, which is one of the reasons why we decided to go now – in two or three years time we would not have an option,”  he said.  “So we are going to go now and be ahead of the game, and be as early adopters as possible.”

Eureka will continue to provide Sage products, with the vendor unveiling cloud services next year. NetSuite has been keen to take a proactive approach to recruiting Sage’s partners and customers, launching a marketing campaign to persuade customers to join in the ‘Sage Switch’ with targeted discounts for those making the jump.

NetSuite has been attempting to leverage its cloud only approach square up against some of the bigger players in the market for services like ERP, including Microsoft, SAP and of course Sage.

The Californian cloud computing firm, co-founded by Oracle boss Larry Ellison in 1998, has seen its revenues increase in its most recent financials as it seeks to expand its channel presence to grow its sales.   Third quarter revenues reached $79.8 million, up from $60.9 million in 2011.  However it still recorded a net loss during the period of $7.9 million, up from a net loss of $6.9 million at the same point in 2011.

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