Flexiant And SolidFire Combine To Get Ahead In The Cloud

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Flexiant Cloud-Offering

Speeding up orchestrated storage for the cloud is the aim of the new partnership

London based cloud manager Flexiant has announced it will integrate with Colorado based storage vendor SolidFire in a joint bid to consolidate their collective quality of service for communication service provider (CSP) partners.

SolidFire’s all-SSD (solid state drive) storage and Flexiant’s Cloud Orchestrator will give better value and improved experience for service providers’ customers, the coalition claimed.

Service automation

The integration means that more granular measures of storage performance and capacity are achievable and that deployments will be a lot quicker, the vendors promised. The strategy is to tackle the three biggest problems in cloud management today: consistent performance, provisioning flexibility and management automation, said Flexiant founder Tony Lucas.

“SolidFire delivers predictable multi-tenant cloud storage in a way that existing storage systems can’t,” said Lucas. The SolidFire/Flexiant integration will create a high performance storage system that can be fully automated and offer cloud services on demand, he said, adding that SolidFire’s Rest (REpresentational State Transfer) based APIs made it an easy system to work with.

Dave Wright, CEO of SolidFire, reckons that it’s all about getting customers up and running quicker. “Integrating with key cloud building blocks like Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a critical piece of this equation,” he said.