Channel Customers Think Sales Is Talking Through Its aaS

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It looks like confused and mistrusting prospect would rather PaaS on techno-speak

In response to the IT industry’s inability to communicate as efficiently as its devices, Six Degrees has launched a new study into end user perceptions of the industry and its salespeople. The report is due to be published on Thursday, but ChannelBiz has been afforded an exclusive preview of some of the findings.

Jargon is the language spoken by the high priests of IT sales to impress the layman customer with their greater understanding of technology. But, without suitable explanations, the wall of words forms a stumblingblock at least, and a barrier at worst.

Obscured by clouds

According to the study, jargon makes 51 percent of office managers mistrust IT resellers, which makes the channel over twice as disreputable as politicians (who invoked suspicion in only 24 percent of the survey), bankers (16%) and lawyers  (9%).

The survey appears to blow the doors off  the “trusted advisor” academy of thought.

Cloud computing is confusing end users even more, according to feedback. One fifth of those quizzed claimed they believed Platform as a Service (PaaS) was a new philosophy for railway management, and 12 percent thought Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) was a new road-building technology.

What the rest may think has yet to be revealed. The full study into how jargon is killing interest in IT will be published exclusively in ChannelBiz on Thursday.

Meanwhile as a parting shot, according to Kontron, ULP-COM is the new Smarc. Try that one on the next fashion chain seeking an upgrade.

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