Kontron Symkloud Will Help Machines Communicate More Efficiently

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Kontron launches transcoding platform to meet the mobile video serving challenge

Hardware maker Kontron announced the Symkloud MS2900 media platform for transcoding, which aims to tackle the address latency and poor scalability of cloud infrastructures.

This is a product for cloud service providers, network equipment providers (NEPs), resellers and systems integrators who offer hosted services. It provides a framework to optimise streaming content to the wide range of mobile device video file types and screen formats available.

Cloud transcoding

New applications can be created for mobile and fixed video, unified communications, and video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) in a more economical way. This will improve the power efficiency and scalability of the services provided by IPTV, cable, cloud and mobile cloud service providers and cut the amount of capital expenditure involved in setting up these services without compromising the integrity of the services.

The power consumption of mobile devices and bandwidth eating video content are creating problems for all service providers. This in turn creates a lucrative opportunity for resellers and systems integrators to come to their rescue, with Kontron’s transcoding technology.

Benoit Robert, Kontron’s executive director for product management in its communications business unit, explained it like this: “Encoding video is a processor intensive job especially when outputting multiple video into multiple formats, and is often used by broadcasters, cable companies, and large production companies who need to encode large amounts of media into multiple formats, all at the same time.”

The Symkloud Media transcoding platform, should “enable a highly scalable and distributed processor approach to share application workloads,” he explained.

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