Absolute Software Seeks Resellers For Lojack – The Thief Taker

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Lojack is claimed to be a popular hero across Britain – Scotland Yard might not like it, but it gets results.

With laptop theft becoming a massive problem in the UK, corporate Britain is crying out for a solution. With Britain’s police relatively powerless to act because of lack of information, the public is desperate for a new IT hero to emerge.

Enter Absolute Technology’s Computrace Lojack: an unconventional application that fights crime the only way it knows – by going under cover and reporting back every detail of the criminal’s activity. Installed in the firmware of your laptop it lies in wait for your machine to get stolen.

Busting your assets

When it springs into action, Lojack first secures your laptop, then it calls in a specialist team of recovery experts (including ex-police who have moved into security) to come and retrieve the laptop. Derek Skinner, Absolute’s head of recovery in EMEA, leads a crack team of investigative theft recovery officers(ITRO), IT experts who know every millibit of the mean streets of the Computrace technology.

Undercover Software DetectiveThe team said it has seen everything. Files locked, laptops recovered, intruders locked out. It has even assisted police officers to do their job when the ITRO squad by informing them when the laptop went missing and where it is now. The only problem the company has is that it keeps a record of when and where the computer has been by tracking its Wi-Fi connections – something that concerns privacy advocates and government departments.

There’s a gentler side to Absolute Software that few people see, explained EMEA channel manager Amanda Johnson. Speaking at the home of distributor Computers Unlimited, she said the company constantly needs new partners and that everybody wants a piece of Lojack these days – from big corporations, to shopkeepers, to  laboratory gene splicers – but what Absolute Software needs is some partners that understand Lojack and how to sell it.

“This would be a great attention grabber for a security expert or IT reseller,” said Johnson. “The appeal is obvious and it’s an easy sale but I can promise the margins are good, too.”

Resellers could walk out of their accounts after doing some serious business, she argued. “Yes, we are looking for resellers,” said Johnson, “come and see us and we can talk through all the situations.”

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