IBM Research Screens Nano-sized Premiere Of World’s Smallest Movie

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IBM’s storage research has resulted in the production of the world’s smallest movie using atoms as pixels

Scientists from IBM Research lab in San Jose have just made history by releasing the first ever stop-motion film that was made using individual atoms.

By moving atoms of carbon on a copper surface, they created A Boy And His Atom, officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as “the world’s smallest movie”.

IBM devised this experiment as a user-friendly way to showcase technology advances made while researching the limits of data storage equipment. According to IBM, today, our storage devices require one million atoms to store one bit (a value of either 0 or 1) of information. Recently, the company has proved that a bit can be stored using just 12 atoms.


A Boy And His Atom

The film, under two minutes long and composed of 242 frames, features a boy playing with a ball that changes physical properties. The boy is just a nanometre in size and the film had to be magnified over 100 million times to become visible to the human eye.

This first appeared on TechWeekEurope UK. Read the whole story here.

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