Big Data To Earn SAP Partners $220bn Over Next Five Years

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Financials company visits the analysts at IDC to talk up Big Data dealer benefits

SAP partners will earn an estimated $220 billion (£145bn) over the next five years, thanks to analytics and Big Data offerings, the company claimed.

The financials firm commissioned research from analysts at IDC which showed the increase in revenue would by driven by a sharp increase in customer demand for skills in advanced and predictive analytics over the next 12 months, as well as a desire from customers to control costs, optimise operations and manage risks.

We’ll all be rich

SAP said the opportunity related to services, including reselling, professional services, hardware and additional intellectual property, as well applications developed on analytics applications from SAP and the SAP Hana platform.

European revenues are expected to contribute $70 billion (£46bn) in revenues, while $90 billion (£59bn) will be generated in North America and $48 billion (£32bn) in the Asia Pacific and Japan region. Latin America will contribute $12 billion (£8bn).

IDC said SAP partners in EMEA made $10.1 billion(£6.7bn) of related revenues in analytics and Big Data in 2012. The analysts added that for every dollar of In-Memory Database revenue SAP makes, its partners would make $8.11 (£5.35) and that figure would rise to $9.72 (£6.41) by 2017.

According to the study, digital data will grow from 130 exabytes in 2005 to 40,000 exabytes in 2020. The worldwide business analytics market this year is expected to reach $100 billion (£66bn) with the top three drivers for business analytics products and services being; cost control or reduction, operational optimisation as well as financial reporting and analysis.

The firms released an infographic which showed that the top 10 growth sectors for these opportunities and Big Data are manufacturing, government, media communications, banking, professional services, retail, healthcare, utilities, and insurance.

“SAP and its partners make a significant impact on the global economy,” said Darren Bibby, vice president for IDC Channels and Alliances Research. “SAP does an excellent job delivering great products for partners to work with, as well as effective sales, marketing and training resources. The result is that the SAP ecosystem is well-positioned for the future and customers will benefit from these additional skills and resources.”

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